2019 T&T TFOSE


Good day everyone!
The 2019 T&T TFOSE International Symposium will be held on April 2, 2019 and the venue will be moved to the Institute of Environmental Engineering of National Taiwan University(71 Chou-Shan Rd., Taipei 106, Taiwan). Need to remind you that the early bird and conference awards application deadline is March 4, 2019. Please share this information to fellow students who will be interested.

The invited guest, Professor Chen Wang-Wei will deliver the introductory remarks of the TFOSE international conference theme focusing on sustainable environment. TFOSE is a conference that will be held annually during the winter vacation and is mainly focused on discussion of topics related to sustainable development. The conference will hold its first conference on April 2, 2019 and will continue to be held in different locations in Taiwan.

In the previous years, Taiwan has improved in terms of its environmental protection technology. This has paved the way for many scholars, researchers, and students from all over the world to recognize Taiwan’s efforts in conducting studies related to environmental protection technology as well as in the promulgation of administrative regulations. 
Overseas Chinese scientists have applied their knowledge and skills in their home country and has since contributed largely to the world’s environmental protection. 

Aside from the overseas Chinese experts, TFOSE also aims to focus their attention on potential talents from the Southeast Asia, East Asia, Sotuh Asia, and Oceania countries. These regions are TFOSE’s main areas of interest for the training of environmental science and technology students and employees. However, TFOSE extends its boundaries and does not limit the focus to only people working in the environmental field but also on bringing people closely together on working for the sustainable development of the global environment. TFOSE aims to target the integration and unification of academic, industrial, and real-life conditions. Therefore, the students from all over the world are invited to share and publish their research results as well as to raise awareness about environmental issues. The conference also wants to invite participants from the industry to share their knowledge. This conference also provides the opportunity of environmental-related job seekers to interact with industry partners and seek for work opportunities available in the field. TFOSE aims to strive on choosing future outstanding environmental protection talents as well as in promoting cooperation for the sustainable development globally.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via phone (08-7703202#7517) or email (ehralab7517@gmail.com).
For Chinese, please contact Miss Ching-Tzu, Chang (張靜慈小姐)
For English, please contact Miss Ma. Katreena Danielle E. Que (Ms. Reena).
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
Address: 1, Shuefu Road, Neipu, Pingtung 91201, Taiwan .