Best Engineering Paper Award

最佳工程論文獎 Best Engineering Paper Award

本學會於每年一月底前彙整上年度本學會會員發表於Aerosol and Air Quality Research期刊之論文為初審之推薦名單,由獎章委員會委員於二月底前評選出最佳工程論文,獲選之論文於當屆年會中頒獎,並於年會中頒給作者等獎牌一面。


年 份

獲 獎 人

2023 Jin-Yuan Syu, Shang-Yan Huang, Yu-Chih Cheng, Shao-Hao Lu, Chih-Te Wang, Yuan-Yi Kao, Wen-Yinn Lin
獲獎論文:The Applications and Distinctions of Three Different Material Collection Plates in Wet Electrostatic Precipitator.
2022 Tang Wei Chen, Jyh Cherng Chen, Zhen Shu Liu, Kai Hsien Chi, Moo Been Chang* 
Characterization of PM, PAHs and Gaseous Pollutants Emitted from Sintering
2021 Raynard Christianson Sanito, Ya-Wen Chen, Sheng-Jie You, Hsi-Hsien Yang, Yen-Kung Hsieh, Ya-Fen Wang* 
Hydrogen and Methane Production from Styrofoam Waste Using an Atmospheric-pressure Microwave Plasma Reactor
2020 Cong-Jhen Lin, Chuan-Lin Chang, Chih-Fu Tseng, Hong-Ping Lin*, Hsing-Cheng Hsi*  
Preparation of Cu-Mn and Cu-Mn-Ce Oxide-incorporated Mesoporous Silica via Silicate Exfoliation for the Removal of NO and Hg0
2019 Wei-Hsin Chen*, Kuo-Hao Lee, Justus Kavita Mutuku, Chii-Jong Hwang  
Flow Dynamics and PM2.5 Deposition in Healthy and Asthmatic Airways at Different Inhalation Statuses
2018 Cheng-Yen Tsai, Chun-Hsiang Chiu, Ming-Wei Chuang, Hsing-Cheng Hsi*  
Influences of Copper(II) Chloride Impregnation on Activated Carbon for Low-Concentration Elemental Mercury Adsorption from Simulated Coal Combustion Flue Gas


Wanting Zeng, Hsunling Bai*  
Adsorption/Desorption Behaviors of Acetone over Micro-/Mesoporous SBA-16 Silicas Prepared from Rice Husk Agricultural Waste