Student Thesis Competition

ICAST 2018 Student Thesis Competition

The purpose of Student Thesis Competition (STC) is to encourage students to enhance the ability of the academic research and practical technologies in the aerosol field. STC develops students’ skills for academic presentation and research communication so as to effectively enhance the explanation of their research.

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Registration Form
Abstract format

1. Participants must have the status of undergraduate, graduate or doctoral students in the field related to aerosol research, and are recommended by the supervisors. 
2. Participants must complete their theses during the school year (PS: participants are still registered as students in June 2019).
3. All the theses must be accomplished by the participants, and the supervisors can be co-author. Every participant is limited to submit one thesis.

STC preparation
The selection committee consists of the Organizing Committee, which has outstanding and excellent members from universities, research insitutes, governments and industry, to evaluate all the candidate theses. The STC is divided into two phases: primary selection and final selection. The primary election is based on documentary review, and nominators will be selected for final selection; the nominators will be invited to prepare an oral presentation and evaluated by the selection committee in the final selection. (PS: Those STC’s supervisors is not able to be any of the selection committee members.

Participants should fill out the registration form with the recommendation of advisor, and their thesis in three pages (including the cover, pictures, tables and reference, the form of the thesis is available in the conference website). Participants should upload their thesis file (in PDF) and send to before July 1, 2019. The file name should be in the form: 26th International Aerogel Technology Seminar Student Thesis Competition – Name – unit (full name)”, for example: 26th International Aerogel Technology Seminar Student Thesis Competition – Mei-mei Wang – Chung Yuan Christian University - Master student.
After the completion of the initial registration of the thesis for the registration and submission process, the shortlist of nominators and the schedule of oral presentation will be announced in the conference website, and participants will be notified by email according to the registration information.
Nominators must give an oral presentation at the 110 classroom of Huai En Hall, Chung Yuan Christian University from 15:10 to 18:00 on October 4, 2019. The oral presentation must be in English and slides (powerpoint). The time is limited to 5 minutes per person. The short bell will be pressed once at 3 minutes, and the long bell for 5 minutes and end the oral presentation. Computers and projectors are available at the competition venue. Other hardware and software equipment should be prepared by the participants themselves.

1. The winners will receive a certificate of merit and a prize at the closing ceremony of the conference, and the results of STC will be announced on the website.
2. First place: A certificate of merit and prize of $NTD 3000. Second place: A certificate of merit and prize of $NTD 2000. Third place: A certificate of merit and prize of $NTD 1000. For all nominators: A certificate of merit.
3. The award will be confiscated if the winners cannot present at the closing ceremony of the conference.

Participants must not copy from any published or unpublished research reports and data. If they are reported and verified by others, they will be disqualified and punished according to relevant regulations. Please be care of academic ethics.

Any matters or conditions not specified in this guideline shall be determined by the selection committee.

Taiwan Association for Aerosol Research (TAAR),
Department of Environmental Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University
Contact Information
Department of Environmental Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University (assistant Tingyu Ye) :03-2654909